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Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai

Zoltan Boros
12th October, 1965, Szekszard (Southern Hungary)
Sun in Libra, Asc. Virgo, Moon in Taurus

Gabor Szikszai
15th January, 1965, Salgotarjan (Northern Hungary)
Sun in Capricorn, Asc. Leo, Moon in Gemini

The high-school friendship born from the fact that both of them lived far from home, in the residence halls of Budapest Secondary School of Fine Arts, blossomed into their first common project right in the very first year, when they created illustrations for Galaktika, one of Hungary's most popular science and science fiction magazines. Both were influenced by the other's talent, style and visions. They accepted each other's critical remarks and observations, and tried to make use of each other's strengths and advantages. As time went by, co-illustrating matured into a steady work affiliation. Their works are based on analogue freehand drawings, though they try to use technological possibilities to their best advantage.

Their work is the synthesis of two individual visions.

Secondary School of Fine Arts
Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Faculty of Applied Graphics)
Degree of both:
Graphic Artists, Teachers of Art History, Graphics and Geometry

Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro (Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Minis)
Upper Deck Entertainment (World of Warcraft TCG, WoW Minis)
Fanpro (Das Schwarze Auge)
Radonlabs (Das Schwarze Auge)
Heyne Verlag
Bastei Verlag
Koch Media GmbH.
West End Games (Star Wars RPG)
Focus Magazine
Black Hole Entertainment / Electronic Arts / DIGIC Pictures (Exigo)
Galaktika magazine
Every large publishing house in Hungary

Chesley Award 2006
(Best Gaming-Related Illustration - MtG TCG: Blazing Archon)

Galaktika Award 1989, Galaktika Magazine
Artists of the Year 2006 - InQuest magazine