Zoltan Boros - Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Concept Artist

Zoltan Boros graduated in 1990 from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts with an MFA degree in Graphic Art, Art History, and Teaching of Artistic Drawing. An unexpected commission from the popular sci-fi magazine “Galaktika” in 1989 made partnering with Gabor Szikszai, another illustrator and friend, an obvious choice.

The historic success of their first artistic collaboration kept the two artists together as “Boros-Szikszai” for the next 25 years, through an assortment of assignments including advertising illustrations, storyboards for numerous multinational advertising agencies, and artistic illustrations for book covers, role playing games and trading card games.

The Boros-Szikszai collaboration ended in 2010, with Zoltan moving to New York State. Since then he has contributed hundreds of illustrations as a flagship Freelance Illustrators for Magic: The Gathering, Spellslingers,  Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo. 


(Zoltan Boros)
Game Illustration


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